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Vivtex strives to transform drug development using a new platform technology called gastrointestinal tract organ robotic interface system (GI-ORIS™*) that enables robotic screening with fully intact and functional organs. GI-ORIS™* technology was developed in the Langer lab at MIT and can be used for various applications (e.g. oral delivery of biologics, drug toxicity mitigation, spatial and temporal drug delivery). Vivtex leverages these unique capabilities of the GI-ORIS™* to develop new oral therapeutics. Vivtex's mission is to serve patients by increasing the efficacy, safety and adherence of existing and novel therapies. The company is in preclinical stage and has multiple drug development programs including reformulations of existing drugs as well as new chemical entities.

*Trademark Pending

  • Douglas Eby Co-Founder & CEO
  • Thomas von Erlach, PhD Co-Founder & CSO
  • Giovanni Traverso, MD, PhD Co-Founder
  • Robert Langer, PhD Co-Founder