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TreeFrog Therapeutics

TreeFrog Therapeutics is a French-based biotech company aiming to unlock access to cell therapies for millions of patients.

TreeFrog Therapeutics is developing a pipeline of therapeutic candidates using proprietary C-Stem™ technology, allowing for the mass production of induced pluripotent stem cells and their differentiation into ready-to-transplant microtissues with unprecedented scalability and cell quality.

Bringing together over 100 biophysicists, cell biologists, and bioproduction engineers, TreeFrog Therapeutics raised $82M over the past three years to advance its pipeline in regenerative medicine and immuno-oncology.

Headquartered in Bordeaux, TreeFrog established in 2022 its U.S. hub at LabCentral 238 and a second hub in Kobe, Japan, with the aim of driving the adoption of C-Stem™ and building strategic alliances with leading academic, biotech, and industry players in the field of cell therapy.

  • Kevin ALESSANDRI PhD Co-Founder/CTO/VP USA
  • Anthony RENODON Business Development Officer – North America
    (617) 712-9944
  • Pauline OLSEN PhD Scientist
  • Kate LU Lab Technician
  • Aphrodite TSAVDARIS Office Manager
    (617) 291-7005
  • Romane GOHIER Research Scientist
  • Daniel CASTRO Chief Business Officer
    (617) 792 3771