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Rgenta LLC

Only a quarter of the proteins implicated in human diseases are currently druggable by traditional approaches for developing small-molecule compounds. Thus, new approaches directly targeting messenger RNAs of disease genes open up unprecedented opportunities for drug development. At Rgenta, we develop novel methods to mine the wealth of genomics data to identify high-efficacy and high-specificity RNA target sites. We also build focused compound libraries likely to recognize the RNA target sites and modulate their function, particularly those mediated by regulatory proteins. Our unique approach has resulted in new lead compounds for previously undruggable targets in a range of human diseases. 

Rgenta has assembled an elite team of award-winning scientists.  Zhiping Weng is the company‚Äôs scientific founder and a world-leading expert in genome biology, gene regulation, and protein design.  She is an endowed professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Co-Chair of the Data Analysis Centers of the ENCODE and PsychENCODE Consortia.  Other key team members include Travis Wager, Co-founder, President and CSO, and Simon Xi, Co-founder, and CEO, each with over 20 years of drug development experience at Pfizer and AbbVie.

  • Zhiping Weng, PhD Scientific Co-founder and Head of SAB
  • Simon Xi, PhD Co-founder and CEO
  • Travis Wager, PhD Co-founder and President & CSO