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ReviveMed, Inc.

ReviveMed is a machine-learning platform that transform data from small molecules to the right therapeutics for the right patients.

Metabolites, or small molecules, are closest to a phenotype and can show exactly what happen because of a disease, genetic factors or environmental effects. Therefore, understanding metabolites is essential for developing the right therapeutics for the right patients. However, because of tremendous diversity of metabolite’s structure, identifying metabolites require several experimental processes, and current platforms focus on detecting less than 10% of human metabolites.

ReviveMed Team spent over five years to develop a machine-learning platform and the most comprehensive proprietary database of metabolites and their interactions to specifically overcome these difficulties, which was published in Nature Methods.

Using our proprietary machine-learning platform, we develop metabolomic-based therapeutics by repurposing existing drug assets. We will develop this therapeutics in house or in partnership with biotech/pharma companies as well as disease association. Since founding ReviveMed last year, we have already launched revenue-generating pilot projects with leading biotech/pharma companies to validate our value-proposition, improve our technology with their data, and build relationships.

We have the best team to unlock the value of metabolomics with complementary skills and expertise. In addition, we have world-class advisors, who are leader in computational biology and metabolomics. ReviveMed is an award-winning startup company. Until now, our team has received over $50 K in entrepreneurships prizes including Booz-Allen-Hamilton analytic prize awarded to the most innovative analysis solutions for businesses. Recently, ReviveMed was selected as a top 10 finalist for Google Machine-learning completion among over 350 participants, receiving $200 K in Google Cloud credits. Additionally, ReviveMed was awarded a LabCentral Golden Ticket, providing us one year of lab space with the value of $50 K. 

  • Leila Pirhaji, PhD Founder & CEO
  • Professor Ernest Fraenkel Co-Founder & Board Member