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PanTher Therapeutics

A pre-clinical-stage company, PanTher Therapeutics is working to revolutionize the treatment of inoperable, locally advanced solid tumors − for the first time enabling the direct delivery of existing, already proven chemotherapy agents directly onto the tumor for consistent, slow release over time. The company designed its novel delivery method to eliminate the toxicity and debilitating side effects that chemo agents can produce when delivered systemically through traditional IV or oral administration.

Its first indication is pancreatic cancer, a particularly lethal disease that affects more than 53,000 Americans annually, where excruciating symptoms arise from the primary mass invading nearby vital organs. By changing the route of administration to target just the tumor, PanTher expects to enhance chemotherapeutic efficacy and improve quality of life for patients.

A privately held company, PanTher is now completing pre-clinical studies prior to initiating human trials and exploring opportunities for partnerships to expand its product pipeline. 

We're hiring!

  • Laura Indolfi, PhD Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Elazer Edelman, MD, PhD Co-Founder
  • David Ting, MD Co-Founder