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Pandion Therapeutics aims to shift the paradigm of immunosuppression from intrinsically systemic approaches to localized immunomodulation. Existing therapies for inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and transplant rejection act broadly on immune cells in tissues and organs throughout the body. The long-term side effects of this systemic immunosuppression limit dosing, which can result in under-treatment and suboptimal disease control.

Our targeted protein-based approach is designed to enhance local efficacy by increasing exposure within tissues, while simultaneously minimizing the serious side effects associated with long-term systemic immunosuppression. We aspire to provide transformative efficacy and safety where existing therapeutics for immune indications have failed.

Pandion was founded in 2017 and is funded by Polaris Partners.

  • Anthony J. Coyle, PhD Co-Founder and CEO
  • Jo Viney, PhD Co-Founder and CSO
  • Alan Crane Co-Founder and Chairman
  • David Sachs, MD Co-Founder