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Neutrolis is preclinical-stage biotech that develops therapies against the "dark side of DNA.”

DNA is the carrier of our genetic information and stored in our cells. DNA is also a very long molecule, and to fit into a cell; it is packed tightly into chromatin fibers. In healthy individuals, chromatin remains hidden inside our cells. DNA shows its dark side in patients with inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, where chromatin is released by damaged tissue and neutrophils, the most abundant immune cell type in blood, expel chromatin scaffolds in the form of "Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NETs)". Accumulation of NETs causes vascular occlusion, inflammatory organ injury, and propels autoimmunity.

Neutrolis lead molecule is a Chromatinase™ that disintegrates NETs into biologically inactive fragments. It is currently in late-stage of preclinical development for a rare autoimmune disease.

  • Abdul Hakkim R, PhD Co-founder
  • Toby Fox, PhD Co-founder
  • Angelene Prasanna Senior Research Associate