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MicroQuin Ltd. is a collaborative US/UK start-up that created two technologies designed to hunt out and treat all breast cancers.  The company combined these technologies to create a first-in-class therapeutic (MQ001) that, in preclinical trials, selectively induces 100% cell death within 96 hours across all breast cancers, ignoring healthy cells. Similar results were observed in other cancers, albeit with different levels of efficacy. Non-human, in-vivo studies demonstrate that a single dose of MQ001 can reduce breast tumor size and volume by 91% within a 14-day timeframe, with no toxicity or immunogenicity.  MicroQuin’s proprietary therapeutic offers a novel approach to treating all breast cancers and the genuine potential of a curative monotherapy – however, they believe this is just the start!


  • Dr. Scott Robinson Chief Executive & Science Officer