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Lucy Therapeutics

Lucy Therapeutics is a mitochondrial platform company currently focused on small molecule treatments for Rett Syndrome and Parkinson's Disease.  LucyTx’s platform and proprietary analytics have led to the discovery and prosecution of targets which can improve the central energetic dysfunctions of these diseases and address their complex organ symptomatology.  Leveraging advanced chemical matter for these targets which has been validated in studies for other indications, LucyTx can interrogate complex biology with well-defined molecules to quickly answer key questions about the pathways critical for disease modification.  Furthermore, by targeting mitochondrial outcomes, this opens the opportunity for a peripheral biomarker approach for these diseases which we are pursuing for both our programs.

  • Amy Ripka, Ph.D CEO and Founder
  • Dario Doller, Ph.D VP, Drug Discovery
  • Jennifer Swantek, Ph.D VP, Translational Medicine
  • Adriana Villela Principal Scientist
  • Amanda Papakyrikos, Ph.D. Scientist I
  • Vera Sinani Research Associate IV