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LogicBio Therapeutics

A preclinical-stage company with a mission to develop cures for life-threatening diseases, LogicBio combines the best of gene therapy and genome-editing technology.Founded by gene-therapy pioneers from leading academic institutions including Stanford University, Tel Aviv University, and Children’s Medical Research Institute in Sydney – the company’s core platform includes its proprietary GeneRide technology and synthetic gene-therapy vectors derived from naturally occurring human adeno-associated viruses. LogicBio designed its approach to harness the natural power of homologous recombination − enabling precise, site-specific transfer of the genetic material without the use of promoters or nucleases, which could be associated with unwanted side effects. The goal: provide patients with a functional copy of a faulty, disease-causing gene to deliver a cure. LogicBio is advancing programs for rare, life-threatening pediatric genetic diseases − focusing first on inborn errors of metabolism, where there are few, if any, treatment options. A number of the company’s discoveries have been featured in leading science publications and conferences. A private company, LogicBio is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a research group in Tel Aviv.

  • Mark Kay, MD, PhD Co-Founder; Member, Board of Directors
  • Adi Barzel, PhD Co-Founder and Acting Chief Scientific Officer; Member, Board of Directors
  • Leszek Lisowski, PhD, MBA Co-Founder; Member, Board of Directors
  • Frederic Chereau President and CEO; Member, Board of Directors