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The key to unlocking the next generation of cancer immunotherapies lies at the nexus of tumor cell-intrinsic biology and cancer immunology – an opportunity hidden in plain sight.


Tumors identify and exploit inhibitory nodes, pathways, and interactions that suppress and evade an immune response. We are taking a focused approach to immunotherapy which addresses critical inhibitory nodes in a tissue- and disease-specific manner. Our initial focus is on enhancing antigen presentation, and we have worked with our founders to develop a portfolio of three novel targets with preclinical evidence of improved anti-tumor immunity. Our proprietary lead molecules are on target to deliver clinical assets starting in 2023.


Our scientific engine interrogates the interface between cancer biology and immunology at a systems level to identify and prioritize inhibitory nodes. Using advanced bioinformatics, emergent patient- and single-cell seq-datasets, and complex human in vitro models, we aim to deliver two additional programs by 2023.


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  • Catherine Sabatos-Peyton CSO
  • Suman Shirodkar CEO
  • Krista Goodman SVP, Drug Discovery
  • Emily Corse SVP, Biology