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Kernal Biologics

Kernal Biologics Inc. is a Cambridge-based startup that is developing messenger RNA therapeutics for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) using deep learning algorithms. AML is a rare blood cancer type that affects 350 thousand people globally, every year. Most patients treated with current standard of care, chemotherapy, develop relapse or recurrence and eventually die. The 5-year survival rate for AML is, unfortunately, only 27 percent. We propose treating AML with cancer cell-specific mRNAs designed with MenDel, our "mRNA engineering via deep learning" platform. These mRNAs are engineered to specifically kill AML cells, including chemo-resistant ones, and avoid healthy cells. This cell killing is done in a particular fashion to bring in a robust and enduring adaptive immune response, which prevents relapses or recurrences. Overall, Kernal mRNAs are poised to dramatically improve efficacy and tolerability of cancer treatment. 

  • Yusuf Erkul, MD Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Burak Yilmaz, MS Co-founder
  • Cafer Ozdemir, PhD Co-founder, Director of Convergence Science