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High Fidelity Biology

HiFiBiO BV is a biotechnology company with labs and offices in Paris, France (ESPCI) and Cambridge, USA (LabCentral) commercializing recent advances in droplet-based microfluidics, oligonucleotide barcodes, proprietary molecular biology, next-generation sequencing and advanced computation algorithms to provide integrated solutions for single cell analysis in antibody drug discovery and biomarker development. Our scientific founders are leading innovators in these fields and our seasoned management team has a strong track record of success in building high value life science companies. Our current business model is to collaborate with select partners in the co-development of our core technologies in specific antibody drug discovery and development applications aligned with our longer-term goal of partnered discovery and development of antibody therapeutics. 

  • Fred Dom, MSc Chief Executive Officer
  • Colin J.H. Brenan, PhD Chief Commercial Officer
  • Allan Jensen, PhD Chief Scientific Officer
  • Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD Scientific Founder
  • Jerome Bibette, PhD Scientific Founder
  • Andrew Griffiths, PhD Scientific Founder
  • Rob Nicol, PhD Scientific Founder
  • David Weitz, PhD Scientific Founder