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GRO Biosciences

GRO Biosciences is leveraging breakthrough technologies from computational protein design and synthetic biology to develop best-in-class protein therapeutics with enhanced properties. The company has established multiple genomically recoded strains of bacteria that can incorporate non-standard amino acids into proteins to confer increased potency, stability, and targeted delivery. GRO Biosciences is applying its technology platform to develop improved protein therapeutics for diabetes, growth disorders and autoimmunity. The company, co-founded by Dr. George Church, is located at LabCentral in Kendall Square in the heart of the innovation sector in Cambridge, MA

  • Daniel J. Mandell CEO
  • Christopher J. Gregg CSO
  • Peter Benjamin Stranges Principal Scientist
  • Dana Braff Principal Scientist
  • Scott Radogna Research Associate
  • Joey Marisha Collins Principal Scientist
  • Joseph Terranova Senior Research Associate
  • Rob Warden-Rothman Principal Scientist
  • Baundauna Bose Principal Scientist