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Generation Bio

Generation Bio is creating a breakthrough class of genetic medicines that deliver durable, high levels of gene expression and can be re-dosed to titrate and sustain effect. We were founded by Atlas Venture in 2016 based on the research of Rob Kotin, Ph.D, who as a Senior Investigator at the National Institutes of Health discovered a novel method for non-viral gene transfer, known as closed-ended DNA, or ceDNA.

Building on this foundation, we have created our GeneWave platform, the first therapeutic application for ceDNA. GeneWave uses a lipid nanoparticle to deliver ceDNA to the liver, where it may be used to address diseases of the liver itself or to transform the liver into a living “biofactory” for expressing systemic proteins to treat a wide variety of genetic diseases.

  • Geoff McDonough, MD President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Angelino, PhD Founder & Chief Operating Officer
  • Robert Kotin, PhD Founder & Head of Discovery
  • Glenn Goddard Chief Financial Officer
  • Will McCarthy Chief Business Officer