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EnBiotix is a product-focused bioengineered antibiotics company deploying systems and synthetic biology technologies for the development of both novel antibiotics and potentiators of existing antibiotics. Based on the groundbreaking work of Prof. James J. Collins, the Termeer Professor of Medical Engineering & Science Professor, Department of Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, these technologies have the potential to transform the spectrum of activity and resistance profile of therapies for a variety of indications. 

A part of EnBiotix’s anti-persister platform, EBX-001 is aimed at treating Pseudomonas aerugiosa infections in patients with cystic fibrosis and has demonstrated dramatic enhancement of tobramycin’s effectiveness in killing persistent bacteria. 

EnBiotix’s engineered bacteriophage platform employs synthetic-biology techniques to design DNA constructs that can code for anti-bacterial “payloads” that can significantly potentiate existing anti-infective agents or work alone. As an example, EBX-003 is being developed for the treatment of prosthetic joint infections by digesting biofilms in a self-propogating but also self-limiting manner. In addition, EnBiotix’s linear peptide antibiotics platform is a source of engineered phage payloads as well as standalone broad-spectrum agents. With drug-resistant and drug-tolerant infections rapidly becoming a global health crisis, EnBiotix’s robust product pipeline addresses a wide range of acute and chronic infections to significantly impact the lives of patients.  

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  • James J. Collins, PhD Scientific Founder
  • Jeffrey D. Wager, MD Chairman & CEO
  • Diane Joseph-McCarthy, PhD Vice President, Translational Science
  • Jeffrey Radding, PhD Vice President, Biology