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Dragonfly Therapeutics

Dragonfly Therapeutics is a discovery-stage company developing drugs to stimulate immune responses against cancer.

We are developing novel first-in-class therapeutics targeted at natural killer cells and other cells of the innate immune system. These therapies are designed to counterbalance immune suppressive factors present in the tumor microenvironment and mobilize anti-cancer immune responses. Our molecules are expected to be potent as single agents as well as in treatment combinations with existing cancer immunotherapies.

Our scientific founders are major figures in cancer biology and immunology and have launched Dragonfly to harness the power of the immune system to provide breakthrough cancer treatments for patients.

We're hiring!

  • Tyler Jacks, PhD Co-Founder
  • David Raulet, PhD Co-Founder
  • Bill Haney Co-Founder & CEO
  • Ann F. Cheung, PhD Director of Research