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Comet Therapeutics

CoEnzyme A (CoA) is essential to numerous cellular processes including the metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids and sugars, the regulation of gene expression, and the proper functioning of the TCA cycle and mitochondrial health, which generates the energy all cells need to live.

Many rare, genetic disorders of metabolism are CoA related. Dysregulated CoA metabolism is also a key factor in conditions with neurometabolic and immunometabolic etiologies.

While CoA has been in the biochemistry textbooks for more than 70 years, there are still no therapies to restore dysregulated CoEnzyme A metabolism.

Comet Therapeutics addresses these profound unmet medical needs with its CoEnzyme Metabolism (CoMETâ„¢) Platform.

  • Art Taveras, PhD CSO
  • David de Graaf, PhD President and CEO
  • Enej Kuscer, PhD CTO and Founder