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AXONIS Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotechnology company committed to developing groundbreaking therapies for spinal cord injury, neuropathic pain, and other incurable neurological disorders. With pioneering leadership, AXONIS is advancing two breakthrough discoveries.

The first discovery being developed is the reactivation of spared neural tissue at the spinal cord injury site through upmodulation of KCC2 protein function. KCC2 is a chloride transporter, which is downregulated after the injury, leading to overactivation of inhibitory interneurons. Restoration of the excitation/inhibition balance in the spared tissue could lead to robust recovery of stepping ability after spinal cord injury.

AXONIS has also been investigating PTEN inhibition to help regenerate severed CNS axons after injury. PTEN is a master regulator of cell growth during development. As animals mature, growth-inhibiting genes, such as PTEN, turn on to prevent cell overgrowth. The unfortunate consequence of growth inhibition in neurons is the loss of ability to regenerate after injury.

Through tissue reactivation and axon regeneration, AXONIS is focused on restoring movement in paralyzed patients after spinal cord injury to make a real difference for patients, their families, and the global healthcare system.

  • Corey S. Goodman, PhD Executive Chairman & Founder
  • Joanna Stanick, PhD Chief Executive Officer & Founder
  • Bob Yant President & Founder
  • Oswald Steward, PhD Scientific Advisor & Founder
  • Lisa McKerracher, PhD Scientific Advisor & Founder
  • Mark R.E. Pinney Chief Financial Officer & Founder