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AXONIS Therapeutics is advancing breakthrough drug discoveries to develop first-in-class therapies for currently incurable neurological disorders, in order to make a real difference for patients, their families, and the global healthcare system. Operational since 2020, AXONIS is a seed-stage therapeutics company based in LabCentral, MA, and has assembled a team of world-leading innovators, serial entrepreneurs, successful drug developers, driven scientists and passionate patient advocates. Adult-onset central nervous system (CNS) disorders are an urgent, unmet, global and growing burden, especially as more people are living longer. Neuron degeneration and excitation/inhibition imbalances are fundamental problems of many debilitating neurological disorders. AXONIS is developing a pipeline of neuron-reviving therapeutics which enable an intrinsic ability of CNS neurons to: (1) resist neurodegeneration, (2) restore excitation/inhibition balance, and (3) regenerate.

  • Bob Yant President & Founder
  • Corey S. Goodman, PhD Executive Chairman & Founder
  • Joanna Stanicka, PhD Chief Executive Officer & Founder
  • Shane Hegarty, PhD Chief Scientific Officer & Founder
  • Mark R.E. Pinney Chief Financial Officer & Founder
  • Oswald Steward, PhD Scientific Advisor & Founder
  • Lisa McKerracher, PhD Scientific Advisor & Founder