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Aviceda Therapeutics

Aviceda Therapeutics is a biotech company focused on the next generation of glyco-immune therapeutics (GCT's) leveraging the Glyco-Code┬« technology platform to address inflammatory diseases of the innate immune system. 

Disease driven by dysregulation of the innate immune-inflammatory response is frequently a result of the same chronically activated, non-resolving cellular and non-cellular innate immune pathways. By unraveling the universal functionality of the Glyco-Code┬« and accessing the corresponding glyco-immune checkpoints, Aviceda can address a wide range of ocular, immune-inflammatory, degenerative, and fibrotic diseases with significant unmet medical needs. 

At Aviceda, we exploit a unique family of receptors found expressed on all innate immune cells and their associated glycobiological interactions to develop transformative medicines. Combining the power of our biology with our innovative cell-based high-throughput screening (HTS) platform and proprietary nanoparticle technology, we are able to modulate the innate immune response specifically and profoundly. 

Aviceda has assembled a world-class, cross-disciplinary team of recognized scientists, clinicians, and drug developers to tackle devastating ocular and systemic degenerative, fibrotic, and immuno-inflammatory diseases.


  • Mohamed A. Genead, MD, MBA Chairman & CEO, Co-Founder
  • Christopher Scott, PhD Scientific Co-Founder
  • Derek Kunimoto, MD Chief Operation Officer & Co-Founder
  • Rajesh Shinde, PhD CMC & Nanoparticles Director
  • Anitha Krishna, PhD Director of Research