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Accure Health

Accure Health develops integrated solutions that rapidly transform molecular data into actionable digital information for managing cancer and other diseases at the point-of-care. Accure’s technology incorporates proprietary biomarkers, circuits and algorithms into one compact system. It has been demonstrated in clinical studies to accurately detect cancer, transplant rejection, sepsis, and food allergens. Accure’s goal is to empower health care professionals and patients with real-time data to improve early detection, enable more precise treatment of disease, and to lead healthier lives.

  • Jessica Sang, Ph.D. Founder & CEO
  • Ralph Weissleder, M.D. Ph.D. Founder & Clinical Advisor
  • Hakho Lee, Ph.D. Founder & Chief Technology Advisor
  • John Liu, Ph.D. Founder & Chief Data Officer
  • Brian Wee, MS Lead Bioengineer
  • Victoria Momyer, MS Associate Research Scientist