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3D Biolabs, LLC

3D Biolabs is engaged in research and development in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The company was formed in December 2015 and founded based on the groundbreaking work of Joseph P. Vacanti, MD. The company‚Äôs overall goal is to develop a platform technology which will address the human organ donor shortage in transplantation as well as other complex surgical reconstructive challenges such as military blast injuries to the face and extremities. The general approach will use human stem cells combined with innovative, cutting edge 3D printing technologies using advanced materials.

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  • Joseph P. Vacanti, MD Scientific Founder
  • Tatev Sahakyants, MD Director of Animal Research
  • Batzaya "Zaya" Byambaa, PhD Senior Scientist, Materials Science and 3D Printing
  • Tyler Lieberthal, PhD Research Bioengineer and Cell Biologist