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LabCentral Ignite Fire Circle: Building Internship Programs

Time: 2 PM - 3 PM
Location: Virtual
RSVP: Here

Building internship programs: take advantage of untapped talent and bridge the opportunity gap!

Walk away from this session with insights and a list of new ideas to practically address questions like: How do we build internship programs that work for students from under-represented backgrounds, first-generation college students, or interns struggling to juggle career development with the need to pay the bills? How do we ensure students are prepared adequately for these experiences? How do we know if it worked? What specific tools, structures, compensation models, methodologies, and trainings can we use to make this happen?

Topics we'll cover include: compensation, flexibility, anti-bias training, skills building, internship extensions, apprentice-style training, long term career development, pre- and post-surveys, stable underemployment versus short-term, and stable underemployment vs. short-term commitment.

This session will include an introductory exploration of high-level challenges, and small-group discussions to build a list of concrete methodologies that are most capable of building positive career trajectories for interns. Pre-reading materials will be sent in advance for the particularly curious.

Representatives from non-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, biopharma professionals, recent interns, entrepreneurs, and hiring managers are all welcome and encouraged to join.