The Premier Laboratory Facility for
Next-Generation Powerhouse Biotech Startups

LabCentral 610 is a 33,000-square-foot facility located across a shared driveway from LabCentral on the third floor of Pfizer’s Kendall Square Worldwide Research and Development building. LabCentral 610 houses up to six early- to mid-stage companies with room to accommodate ~175 scientists and entrepreneurs.  Eligible startups include those with high-impact science, excellent execution, and significant prospects for achieving scientific and business success whose space needs and funding exceed the offerings and financing cap at our 700 Main Street location. The companies may be ‘graduates’ from LabCentral, or new companies interested in securing space in the thriving bioscience Kendall Square neighborhood. LabCentral developed its 610 space in response to requests from resident startups outgrowing or “aging out” of LabCentral who want to remain within its supportive environment as they continue on in their next stage of development. LabCentral 610 is generously supported by Pfizer.

Facilities & Services

  • Ready-to-go, permitted private lab and office suites
  • Six private lab suites (1700 - 3100 square feet) with dedicated private BSL-2 cell-culture room, fume hood, centrifuges, refrigerators, and freezers for companies of up to 40-50 employees
  • Kitchen and open-plan communal space designed to facilitate interaction and collaboration
  • Access to conference rooms, phone booths, event space, lactation room, nap room, and kitchen/cafe
  • 3 Month service agreement for up to 2 years 

Central Infrastructure

LabCentral provides reasonably common lab equipment for bioresearch, including:

  • Autoclave, bottle wash, and ice machines, shared centrifuges
  • Deionized water and vacuum
  • Microscopy suite with confocal microscope and a T/SEM (transmission/scanning electron microscope)


  • Maintenance of permits for all lab operations
  • Mandatory EHS training and compliance for all lab users
  • Maintenance of equipment and technical support
  • CRO support available on-site (FTE basis)
  • Cleaning and waste removal
  • A vibrant community, sharing knowledge and interacting regularly


  • 6 private lab suites, 2-3 private offices, dedicated BSL-2 cell-culture room: $80,000 to $150,000 monthly
  • Per person resident fee: $425 monthly

Group purchasing is provided, as well as other programs where pooled access reduces costs. Companies may also contract for technical, business, and scientific contract research organization (CRO) support services.



610 Main St, North, Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Walking distance to the T
  • Close proximity to major university research centers, hospitals, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies provides numerous synergies and partnership opportunities