The Premier Laboratory Facility for
Next-Generation Powerhouse Biotech Startups

Situated in the heart of “the most innovative square mile on the planet”, LabCentral 238 is a 100,000 square-foot facility purpose-designed to provide LabCentral resident companies with more robust and dynamic bio-manufacturing capabilities. With capacity for up to 13 early-to-mid stage companies, LabCentral 238 supports the transition from R&D bench-scale science into scalable production of pre-clinical material in anticipation of biomanufacturing. The facility is focused on assisting the growth of companies developing complex therapeutics including cell and gene therapies. Support for LabCentral 238 comes from our partners including founding sponsor, Astellas.

Facilities & Services

  • Ready-to-go, permitted private lab suites and offices
  • 13 private lab suites (850 - 2300 square feet) accommodating 19 to 33 benches with dedicated fume hoods, centrifuges, refrigerators, and freezers for companies of up to 50 employees
  • Kitchen and open-plan communal space designed to facilitate interaction and collaboration
  • Access to conference rooms, huddle rooms, wellness rooms, and event spaces
  • 2-year service agreements with the potential for one year extension - only 6 months termination notice required
  • Community programming and networking opportunities
  • EH&S services include training, regulatory compliance, and hazardous waste removal
  • Equipment maintenance and technical support
  • Centralized procurement, shipping and receiving
  • Vibrant community with daily engagement and knowledge sharing

Central Infrastructure

LabCentral provides an assortment of equipment to help facilitate company transitions from research and development to early-stage process development activities.

  • Autoclaves, glass washers, ice machine, cryogenic freezers, cold room
  • Lyophilizer, controlled rate freezer, ultracentrifuge, and high-speed centrifuge
  • Reverse osmosis water and vacuum
  • Shared Bioanalytical Lab including plate readers, flow cytometers, microscopes, qPCR, and more to come!
  • Shared Analytical Chemistry Lab including HPLC and mass spectrometry
  • Shared bioprocessing equipment ranging from bioreactors to filtration and harvesting equipment.


  • 6 private lab suites with adjoining tissue culture and process development lab: $92,000 - 137,000
  • 7 private lab suites: $55,000 - $105,000
  • 3 private tissue culture labs: $16,000 - $22,000
  • 3 process development labs: $15,000 - $18,000
  • Private offices: $3,000 - $8,000
  • Open Desks: $1060 - $1080
  • Per person resident fee: $450

Group purchasing is provided, as well as other programs where pooled access reduces costs. Companies may also contract for technical, business, and scientific contract research organization (CRO) support services.


238 Location

238 Main St, North, Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Walking distance to the T
  • Close proximity to major university research centers, hospitals, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies provides numerous synergies and partnership opportunities