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Wallis Goss

Associate Manager, Hiring & Training

Wallis Goss is the Associate Manager, Training & Hiring at LabCentral. She is responsible for managing trainings for all LabCentral staff covering a wide range of topics. She works with external presenters and leads the creation of new internal trainings to ensure our employees receive the best information and skills. Wallis received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Bucknell University and has spent her career teaching environmental education, working with high school exchange students, and planning trainings for attorneys. In her free time, Wallis enjoys reading, getting outside, crafts, cooking and spending time with family.

Favorite Science Experiment: I took an environmental science class during a semester program in high school. Throughout the semester, we each chose a plot of land on the school’s property in Vermont that became our Science Site. Through all we learned during our classes, we were able to gain an understanding of our site and tell the history of the place from the 1700s to present day. I loved learning how land and nature can tell a story - I still drive down New England roads, see stone walls or trees growing in specific ways and wonder what the history of that place is!