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Tony Li

Lead, Lab Operations

Tony is a Lab Operations Lead at LabCentral. Tony provides general laboratory equipment maintenance as well as supporting resident scientists and maintaining shared equipment. Additionally, he assists in the development and modification of standard operations procedures for the lab. Tony has been in the biotech industry for several years working within calibration, inventory, and asset management. He studied Biology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

He enjoys making visits to zoos and aquariums while travelling. In his spare time, he likes to unwind listening to random YouTube videos and play computer games. He also has a wide collection of shoes and mechanical keyboards.

Favorite Science Project: In 10th grade I performed my first gel electrophoreses experiment. Although the lab steps did not seem like much, such as using a microwave to make the gel ourselves, we were ultimately successful and were able to see the DNA bands in the gel with the help of fluorescence. This lab helped inspire me to pursue a career path in the sciences.