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Teresa Mason

Site Head, 700 Main Street

Teresa Mason is the Site Head at LabCentral and LabCentral 610. The mission of LabCentral inspires her to lead the site operations team, lab, facilities and general ops, with enthusiasm and collaboration. With a focus on resident companies, she is passionate about consistently improving the experience through excellent customer service. She works directly to onboard new companies and to help existing companies grow within the LabCentral ecosystem. She also collaborates with other departments to ensure the residents are supported and have access to the needed resources which enable the science to move forward. Prior to her time at LabCentral, she served her family as a stay-at-home mom for 19 years while also providing leadership and support in launching a new church. Teresa received her degree in Business Administration from Mars Hill University.

Favorite School Science Project: "I distinctly remember being slightly disgusted at the thought of dissecting a frog, but once we had begun, I was completely amazed at the anatomical complexity of such a small creature.”