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Spencer Plourde

Associate Manager, Events & Partnerships

Spencer Plourde is the Associate Manager of Events and Partnerships at LabCentral. His primary function is acting as the main liaison between our many sponsors and the different sites in the LabCentral pipeline. Working closely with our sponsors, Spencer helps plan events across all LabCentral sites to encourage engagement between their teams and our Residents while helping to build out community culture. Spencer is also responsible for planning and executing non-sponsored, companywide LabCentral events throughout the year and supports Resident Success programming.

Before moving to Boston and joining the LabCentral team, Spencer was the Front of House and Events Manager at Real Art Ways, a non-profit art gallery and cinema house in Hartford, CT. He studied Hospitality & Tourism Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Favorite Science Experiment: My favorite experiment that I can remember is working with a team of my fellow 8th graders to create a rocket that we could successfully launch with an air compressor. The rocket also had to have a parachute attached to it that would deploy on its own that would help it land safely in the grass.