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Shelby Grasso

Senior Associate, Operations

Shelby is the operations and café associate at LabCentral. In addition to supporting the day-to-day operational needs of our residents and staff, she is responsible for all things café, such as ordering, stocking, organizing deliveries, and keeping inventory. Shelby has spent time in a variety of customer service positions and brings relevant experience from her previous role at CIC Cambridge. Shelby earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from Boston College and has always enjoyed learning the nuances of people and social interactions. When time allows, she can be found drinking jasmine tea, staring out of rainy windows, and drafting pieces of fiction.

Favorite school science project: "I took a class on pestilence in high school, and for one of our projects, we set out to discover which types of potentially harmful bacteria were casually lurking around campus. We swabbed everything from water fountains to bathroom stalls, grew colonies in Petri dishes, and then gave a collective gasp as our blissful ignorance disappeared. We’re surrounded!"