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Shazia Mir

LabCentral Ambassador

Shazia is the resident & alumni relations ambassador at LabCentral. She organizes and executes community programming and alumni-focused expert panels, serving as the interface between residents, alumni and visitors as part of the community development team. She is ambassador of culture and leads community building initiatives, working closely with residents and alumni to foster a collaborative network and create an environment where spontaneous collisions can occur. This includes coordinating meaningful outreach opportunities for residents at community organizations around the Kendal Square hub. In addition, she is curator of Gallery 1832, an in-house art gallery with a rotating exhibit of local artists, offering beautiful and provocative work to spark curiosity, raise societal understanding and create dialogue. She has a diverse background having worked in Publishing (Blackwell Science), Development (University of Oxford) and Donor Marketing (Oxfam) as well as teaching English to Executives in Japan. Shazia holds a degree in Sociology and Public Media from the University of Leeds, England.

Favorite school science project: "A lasting memory from my school days is dissecting a bull's eye during biology class. I can still remember that popping sound as I pierced the surface, the strong lingering stench and the squeals from fellow classmates.”