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Ryan Nevel

Sr. Associate, Operations

Ryan is a Senior Operations Associate at LabCentral 238. Whether it’s onboarding new residents into the various systems that coincide with on-site operations, contributing to the smooth functionality of the cafés, or simply striving to brighten your day, he is part of a team that helps create a sense of community and joy among LabCentral staff and residents. Ryan graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and has spent much of his professional career working in social service-oriented work, practicing massage therapy, and teaching English as a second language. He loves spending time with his son, playing guitar, drawing, exploring nature, and, when time avails, watching good movies.  

Favorite Science Project: I don’t have much of a life science background, but if you call plucking 6 strings made of nickel and then beholding with astonishment that the vibrations can be captured through small magnetic bars with enameled wires called “pickups,” and then have that vibration travel via copper wires wrapped in a dielectric insulator and plastic coating into a device to amplify MUSIC into the ears science, then that’s my fav.