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Rey Riggins

Associate Manager, Lab Operations

Rey Riggins is the Associate Lab Operations Manager at LabCentral 610.  He provides support for the lab operations teams, oversees the vivarium space (Mispro), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), CX7 Pro High-Content Screening Platform, and provides resident support of their scientific needs. Prior to coming to LabCentral, Rey worked as an Aerobiologist for many years at the University of Florida.  Rey worked in the therapeutics division, testing drug therapy candidates against biothreat agents.  Rey was involved in many of the daily research operation ranging from testing procedures in Biosafety level 1 through Biosafety level 4 research studies, procurement, managing and maintaining specialized equipment, vivarium space management and animal husbandry.  Rey has two bachelor’s degrees, one in Science Health from Trident University (while serving in the US Army) and the other in Kinesiology: Sport and Athletic Coaching from the University of Central Florida.  In his free time, he enjoys weightlifting and coaching football and basketball to youth league and high school aged children.

Favorite Science Experiment: I hated science while in grade school but found my love for it as an adult. The moment I realized I enjoyed science was while in the Army going through my clinical rotation as a Medical Laboratory Technician; and I was lucky enough to be asked to assist a Pathologist with an autopsy. As we were going through their procedure and taking samples to the microbiology and histology departments, and later looking at and reporting the findings of samples; I realized this is where I wanted to spend my career.