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Randy Echavarria

Sr. Associate, Lab Operations

Randy Echavarria is the Senior Facilities and Lab Associate at LabCentral 238. He helps oversee the coordination and organization of inbound and outbound shipments. He also helps maintain facility and lab appearance and ensures optimal functionality and cleanliness. Prior to joining LabCentral, Randy worked as a shift manager where his primary goal was to enhance the customer experience. As he starts a new chapter with LabCentral he hopes to continue to deliver great service and strive to be in line with LabCentral’s core mission. Randy earned a B.S. in Biology from the University of Massachusetts Boston. In his free time, Randy enjoys playing sports.

Favorite Science Experiment: “I took a plant physiology in college where I ran my own research project about Arabidopsis, a small plant. I chose to study the lbd16 mutant, which is a version of Arabidopsis that has lateral root formation deficiency. I studied the effects of having excess phosphorus in the median because I believed it would counteract the deficiency. It resulted with the plant growing lateral roots and proving my hypothesis correct.”