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Joshua Smith

Associate, Procurement

Josh Smith is a Procurement Associate at LabCentral, ensuring that residents have the necessary supplies for their scientific research. With previous experience as a life sciences project manager, Josh brings expertise in lab furniture and equipment. Josh also has a background in business development, and in college, served as the waterfront director at a summer camp, maintaining the emergency action plan and a stellar tan.

Outside of work, Josh loves to spend time outdoors skiing, hiking, and playing disc golf. He can also be found cheering on the Celtics and playing pickup basketball in the North End. Josh holds a BSBA in general management from Thomas Edison State University.

Favorite Science Experiment: In high school I became friends with an eccentric scientist who hired me as his part-time lab assistant. He was working on navigating the spacetime continuum using only a sports car, a flux capacitor, and some stolen plutonium. It turned out the machine worked perfectly as I accidentally jumped 30 years into the past where I witnessed mind-bending paradoxes and experienced the thrill of altering history. This experiment ignited my passion for the wonders of science and the possibilities it holds for our future.