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Prayush Pokharel

Lead, EHS

Prayush Pokharel (Pray for short) is an EHS Lead at LabCentral. They help enable residents to work safely, serve as an EHS resource, provide emergency response, and support the other members of the LabCentral team. Pray’s previous roles include various lab operations/EHS responsibilities at Mori, Greentown Labs, Ginkgo Bioworks, and the University of Massachusetts (where he also got his degrees in Physics, Math, and Film). Their highest career achievement however, was winning a mixology award during their time at Fuji at Assembly. Feel free to reach out to them to ask about it, or anything related to mixology or the food/drink industry as a whole!

Favorite Science Project: A few classmates and I had to try and recreate an experiment where we used sound waves to make a bubble form and pop repeatedly, this creates light and is known as sonoluminescence. Easily the hardest experiment I’ve ever done, but the most fascinating! And we were one of only a few groups to replicate the results!