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Prarthana Gadekar

Associate, Lab Operations

Prarthana is an associate of lab operations at LabCentral. She provides support with the maintenance and calibration of the lab equipment, along with the management of the inventory. Her responsibilities include preparing the laboratory spaces for new companies, advising and instructing residents on equipment usage, and facilitating training sessions with vendors. Assist in the development and modification of standard operating procedures for the labs and respond to lab-related issues. Before coming to LabCentral, she worked as a Research Assistant in the Analytical Instrumentation and Vascular Department at Boston University. She also worked for Abbott as a Manual Tester back in India. Prarthana earned a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Research Technologies from Boston University and a Bachelor of Technology degree in Biomedical Engineering. Her favorite pastime is dancing, working out, watching movies, and traveling. During her school years, along with her academics, she managed to do extra-curricular activities by doing TV shows, Dance Reality shows.

Favorite Science Experiment: My favorite experiment would be the one during my Masters where I was first exposed to the intensive Lab procedures and equipments. Working with the small molecules was intriguing, where I had to do the chemical characterization of the Lipids in Streptococcus Agalactiae, a glycosyl carrier lipid for the cell wall polysaccharide biosynthesis.