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Penina Crocker

Associate, Operations

Penina is an Operations Associate at LabCentral, where she helps support the day-to-day functioning of the Operations team. Prior to LabCentral, she worked as a part time writer and social media manager. She graduated from Brown University with a degree in Comparative Literature on the Literary Translation track. While in school she worked a wide variety of roles ranging from customer service to audio editing, to event production and journalism.

When not at work, she tries to spend her time outside, whether backpacking, rock climbing, or cycling. But in inclement weather (or when she’s just too tired), you may be more likely to find her reading, watching movies, or cooking for family and friends.

Favorite Science Experiment: In fourth grade my teacher was teaching us about how animals stay warm in the winter. She had us dip our hand in shortening, then feathers, then submerge it in ice water. It combined two of my favorite activities—making a mess and learning new things about the world.