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Patricia Beshiri

Associate, Procurement

Patricia is an Associate on the Procurement team. She is mainly focused on supporting LabCentral 610 and LabCentral 238, and answers questions from all sites and departments. She works closely with scientists and supports our staff with purchasing needs and questions related to the e-procurement system, the Stork. She facilitates vendor integrations and helps companies while they are onboarding and offboarding. Prior to LabCentral, Patricia worked at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for the IBD center, supporting doctors, residents, and fellows. Back home she used to be a volunteer at Down Syndrome Albania as a photographer. Patricia is due to graduate with her B.S. in Information Technology with a minor in Management in 2023. In her free time, she likes to visit museums, read books, and take photographs.

Favorite Science Experiment: My favorite science experiment when I was in high school was when I got to dissect a frog. We didn’t want the frog to feel pain. So, we decapitated the frog with scissors and pithed the spinal cord with a pithing needle.