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Michelle Chen

Lead, Lab Operations

Michelle Chen is a Lab Operations Lead and provides equipment and operations support for the shared BL2 tissue culture rooms, as well as the general lab spaces. This consists of maintaining and troubleshooting equipment, hosting BL2 trainings, resolving resident issues, and managing TC cold and dry storage allocations. Before coming to LabCentral, Michelle worked in the biotech industry collaborating closely with research scientists in designing and executing experiments for IVD development, including blood stability projects and SOP validation. Fun fact, Michelle used to be a LabCentral resident!

Favorite science experiment: My Master’s consisted of SCUBA diving in Panama to collect samples of Caribbean corals. I observed how temperature affects the health of various coral species in one project and in another project I extracted and amplified microbial DNA to compare the differences in microbiomes of healthy and unhealthy coral.