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Matt Mackay

Sr. Associate, Data Analytics, Ignite

Matthew Mackay is a Senior Associate of Data Analytics at LabCentral and LabCentral Ignite. He works on the Ignite team with a focus on systems and process automation, survey implementation, and statistical analysis. Matthew is a recent graduate of Assumption University in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in data analytics and an MBA concentrated in management. Prior to starting at LabCentral as an intern, Matthew was the lead conductor for the Spartans Drum and Bugle Corps and led the corps to their sixth divisional world championship win in 2019. In his free time, Matthew enjoys traveling and trying new types of food as well as being at his family vacation spot in Maine.

Favorite school science project: In undergraduate introductory physics, I did my final project on how sailboats work, and it was super fun to apply classroom knowledge to something I am passionate about. The best part of the experience was being able to present and answer questions and actually feel like I knew what I was talking about!