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Mathew Steele

Associate, Operations

Mathew is an Operations Associate with LabCentral, specifically Café Operations. This pertains to ordering and stocking a diverse supply of snacks, drinks and produce to the four Café areas within LabCentral to accommodate LabCentral’s employees and residents. Additionally, Mat assists with general operations throughout the building. Mat’s background is in food service where he learned many of the skills that he uses today at LabCentral. He is a graduate from UMass Lowell where he earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, focusing on Management and International Business. 

Outside of work, Mat is an avid dancer and has been for most of his life. He is proficient in various styles such as Hip Hop and Contemporary, and always enjoys learning new ones. He hopes to continue to teach dance as he develops his professional career. He also enjoys gaming to relax and be social with friends and family. 

Favorite Science Experiment: My favorite experiment was from elementary school where we created "Oobleck", a non-Newtonian fluid made with cornstarch and water. I really loved playing around with it when I was younger, and I loved that I could never quite wrap my head around it. It was the perfect introduction to how astounding and fun science can be.