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Lynn Walder

Director, Partnerships Programming

Lynn Walder is the Director of Partnerships and Programming at LabCentral, where she creates and manages executive-level programming in support of biotech CEOs and their unique business building journey. In her previous roles of Director of Business Administration (LabCentral) and Executive Administrator & Brand Manager (FORMA Therapeutics), she was able to blend her innate drive to build inclusive cultures through internal employee engagement branding & communication activities with her obsessive need to increase efficiencies across business departments and C-Level leadership teams. A self-proclaimed “Career-Meanderer” Lynn found her soul purpose of supporting Founder CEOs after working in a variety of administrative and project management roles across 10 different industries over a span of 20 years (the past 12 years in the biotech sector). A continuous learner, Lynn attributes much of her professional happiness to her cooperative education experiences at Northeastern University where she secured a Bachelor of Science for Business Administration with a triple major in International Business, Management and MIS (Management Information Systems).

Favorite school science project: “My favorite science experiment is the one I completed with my best friend in high school – we travelled to NYC (without parents!) to conduct velocity experiments on the elevators of the Twin Trade Towers. It was both exciting and terrifying at the same time, riding that speedy elevator to the 100th floor, and then experience a building swaying in the city winds! We obviously didn’t realize at the time what a blessing it was for us to experience that, I will always be grateful for that memory.”