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Lindsey Tillman

Senior Associate, Operations

Lindsey Tillman is a Senior Operations Associate at 700 Main Street and supports residents through onboarding and connection. Lindsey’s educational background is in Kinesiology and Nutrition. Prior to Lab Central, she worked at the Boys & Girls Club as a site director and then in Training & Professional Development.

During her time away from work, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her husband, Joe, and their son, Judah. She also spends a lot of time outside of work running their photography business/shooting film and digital photography, reading, and being outside.

Favorite Science project: My favorite science project has to be my senior research project in college. My research partner and I both enjoyed rock climbing and were interested in the electrical signals sent from the brain all the way to the forearm muscles when doing pull-ups, which is a similar enough movement to rock climbing that we could apply our findings to real life scenarios. Using electromyography, we were able to see that certain pull-up grips can be utilized when trying to achieve goals of endurance vs. strength.