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Layne Kasprzyk

Associate Manager, Lab Operations

Layne Kasprzyk is the Associate Manager of Lab Operations at LabCentral, focusing on instrument and operations support in the Bioanalytical Chemistry Lab, as well as providing general assistance to residents and the lab ops team. He brings over ten years of experience working in multiple scientific fields that range from bioanalytical testing support, environmental analysis of water and soil, and, most recently, quality control of precious metals and alloys. Layne holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Ithaca College and in 2019, was certified as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt through Kent State.

Favorite school science project: “During a summer research project after my junior year of college, our professor unexpectedly called us into the lab on a Saturday. We didn’t know what it was about but when we arrived, she told us that we would be “synthesizing ethanol” and proceeded to teach us how to brew beer! I loved learning this new way to utilize chemistry in a creative way and have been homebrewing ever since. I even went on to earn a certificate in brewing science in 2016 and took on part-time work in several breweries around Buffalo to stay involved in the local brewing community.”