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Nathan Donelson, PhD

Manager, Lab Operations: Biology

Nathan Donelson is the biology lab operations manager at LabCentral. He provides managerial support to the lab operations associates, oversees equipment process development, and interfaces with resident companies to ensure that they have the resources they need to meet their unique goals. Nathan previously worked as a postdoc at Harvard Medical School and Brandeis University, and was a scientist at Biogen. He earned a PhD in neuroscience from Bowling Green State University and has extensive research experience in animal behavior, genetics/molecular/cell biology, and biostatistics. Nathan’s diverse background also includes teaching middle school science and a number of different university courses.

Favorite school science project: "My favorite experiment from middle school was when we used acid to dissolve the zinc core of a penny, leaving only the thin copper jacket behind. It was amazing to see the solid metal bubble away."