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Kristin Cabrera

Lead, Community Relations and Events

Kristin Cabrera is the Community Relations and Events Lead at LabCentral 238. Kristin is responsible for the development and execution of community and sponsor events at the 238 site, as well as supporting current resident programming efforts and conceptualizing other fun events for all groups. Kristin received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Chemistry from the University of Connecticut. She previously worked in food safety and most recently worked in the project management of grant funded projects at Tufts University. In her spare time, Kristin enjoys running, exploring new places and activities in the Boston area, and all things animals.

Favorite science experiment: In high school, our AP Chemistry class transformed heavy cream into frozen ice cream through freezing point depression (aka using ice, salt, and a whole lot of shaking). Not only did I feel like I could brag about this cool science trick, but it was tasty too!