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Krista Licata

Managing Director, LabCentral Ignite

Krista Licata is the Managing Director of LabCentral Ignite: a platform for collective investment and a ‘spark’ for regional systemic change in STEM Education, talent development/placement and entrepreneurial support in the biotech industry. Prior to this role, Krista spent 7 years providing support to LabCentral’s startups, most recently as Senior Director, overseeing all Site Operations. Krista has been project manager and consulted on buildouts of LabCentral's expansion projects including: the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, LabCentral’s 700 Main Street expansion, LabCentral 610, MIT’s The Engine and served as organizational lead for the initial user identification and design stages of LabCentral 238.  Krista's previous roles have been that of building efficiency and resources for organizations that are in transition and growing rapidly. She got the start-up bug during her work in natural/specialty foods in her roles in brand, financial and operations management. Prior to this, Krista worked with multiple non-profit and organizations in the arts, education and child advocacy. She is a Teach for America alumni, having engaged for two years with her students in the science classroom, their families and the greater community of Brownsville, Texas. She was proud to be selected as Besteiro Middle School’s Teacher of the Year by her administrators and peers. Krista holds a master’s degree in public administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and a bachelor’s degree in natural resource management from Cornell University.

Favorite school science project: “My favorite science fair project explored how residential cleaners effect plant growth (my hypothesis was way wrong and it was awesome).”