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Ken Cook

Senior Associate, Lab Operations

Ken Cook is a lab operations senior associate at LabCentral. He provides general laboratory equipment maintenance as well as management of the supplies provided to shared laboratory spaces. Ken assists in the development and modification of standard operations procedures for the lab.  Before coming to LabCentral Ken worked for many years at Grass Instrument/Astro-Med/Natus Neurology which manufactures clinical and research neurodiagnostic recording equipment and supplies. He was involved in many facets of this company including product development and testing, service/tech support, sales management, marketing, production management, purchasing and regulatory affairs. Ken earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Anna Maria College. He also has an AS degree in marketing and a diploma in electronics.

Favorite School Science Project:  "In the 8th grade a friend and I designed and built a multi-station, portable model rocket launcher. Single or groups of rockets could be launched simultaneously, and we included audio/visual safety alerts."